I have a highly suggestible mind but am healthy. I saw a worry on the internet about Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager and I felt a brief mild ache on the right hand side of my forehead. My mother says it is to do with my mind. Please clarify?


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Well here ya go. 7 of 9 has implants in her head and face. You with your impressionable mind are having hypochondriac delusions of pain from dwelling on what you saw on T.V. Since you are aware of your tendency to assimilate ... Pardon the pun... External stimuli and convert it into delusional yet physical tactile nerve stimuli you need to consult with a psychiatric professional in order to arrest this episodic manifestation before it becomes acute.

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I am not delusional, my dad had a mind like this too and HIS therapist said it was normal and he was not crazy
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Well there ya go. I suggest you consult with the same therapist your dad saw. Genetics is something that should all ways be taken into account when someone needs clarification on what their mom said has to do with their mind. Mom knows best what traits flow through the genes in your family.

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