I have had a cold for 3 days and it hasn't gone away. I've had medicine because the tablets are horrible, but I am not better. Help?


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The only thing you can do for the common cold, is treat your symptoms. It really just has to run its course. Hope you feel better!

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Expect a cold to last 7-10 days.  You can take Sudafed for the stuffy nose.  Tylenol treats a sore throat.  There are lots of over-the-counter cough suppressants.  It's best not to take a combo pill with a bunch of medicines combined, because it is easier to overdose by accident - especially medicines with acteminaphen (Tylenol)

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I also am suffering from the same disease. I sympathize and hope you get well soon. If your symptoms don't seem to be getting better after a few more days, it may be worth seeking medical attention just to be safe.

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I read that the thing to do is to cooperate with the many built-in factors that the body has to protect itself from injurious viruses. If these are in good condition, they will most likely fight off most of the ordinary cold viruses. So slow down—get more rest, go to bed early, avoid undue stress and excitement and perhaps cut down on your eating. Also recommended is a bland diet that consists of fruit and vegetable juices and vegetable soups that do not contain meat or seasonings. A clinical professor of medicine at U.C.L.A said: “Healthy people pick up a virus with their hands and infect themselves by touching their noses and eyes.” Frequent hand washing and use of disinfectants is seen as the best way to prevent spreading or catching a cold. Feel better and good health to you! :)

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