I Have Right Leg Pain And It Feels Like Burning. I've Had It For 3 Months. The Pain Is Not 100% Like Scitica But I Just Walk Up To 500 Metres, Nothing More And Then I Have To Take A Rest And Start Again. What Could The Problem Be?


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It is important that you have this checked out by your doctor, because 3 months is a long time to be in pain. It has not cleared up on its own and therefore you should have it checked out. Your doctor may send you for an xray or scan to see what the problem is or if the bones are involved.
You certainly can't go on tolerating it, if you can not walk without pain. It could be the knee, or arthritis, or both, so take the opportunity to get a medical opinion, and it is difficult to know exactly what the problem is without an expert opinion.
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I have been having pain in my right leg for about 2months, it`s on the inside of my knee, and its very painful. I have it a lot while lying down, sitting walking etc. It hurts a lot to touch it. Can you please you tell me what this is? Thanks
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My mum has been in severe pain with her right leg and has been for the 4 months,the pain is like burning but is unable to move around,the doctor has said its sciatica,should thy not investigate more.

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