I pulled a back muscle this morning. Other than taking a pain reliever, does anyone have a suggestion to minimize the length of down time? (UGH! I really wanted to take the dog on a hike today.)


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-It's important how the injury would sounds

-What area it located exactly

-How it happened

♦ Taking pain relievers would be the most suit option as the first step.

♦ I would suggest a gel medicine called "Diclofenac" but there's so many points that you need to attention on, so for that matter i searched this link so you read & make sure if it would be useful according to your condition & what had happened to you in a exact way. http://www.drugs.com/cdi/diclofenac-gel.html. but usually Diclofenac relief pain from these form of injuries. I used it a lot & by experience i'd say it would help you but yet first make sure of your own condition.

♦A warm shower & massaging would help

♦If you wanna walk out of the home ASAP, then you can do the shower & also warm up a very soft towel & put it on the area, it would help the muscles get relax & the pain get less. You can try to wear up a warm towel with yourself & put the cloths on with it so when you go out it keeps the area more warm & steady.

♦Don't move it much, don't pressure it heavily, & don't touch it so directly. If it didn't gone well within few days, make sure you check with a doctor.

That's what i could think of right now!

-Sorry to hear such a sad news. Hopefully you get better soon :)

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