Do I Have A Pulled Muscle, Nerve, Or Is There Any Internal Organ That Would Cause A Very Sharp Pain All The Way Through My Left Chest & Back?


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The pain at any area of the body is condition not disease. The disease might be some where else or it can be due to use of medicines. The pain in chest can be due to muscle tear, heart problem, gas trouble due to indigestion and smoking etc. A visit to doctor for differential diagnosis and proper treatment is needed. Please visit a doctor.
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It could also be cracked rib. I had one once, it hurt quite a bit, especially when I wanted to breath in deeply. They said that I could wrap it, and wear that for a while so that it would aid in keeping the ribs stable. The best thing that you can do though, is to go to the doctor. Hope this helps, good luck. (stay away from jokers in the meantime).
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It sounds like you may have tore a muscle in that area. When a muscle is damaged it can be very painful. I would suggest you place ice to the chest wall for 20 minute intervals. Splint the chest wall when moving around. Take on complete rest.

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