Is Charlie Sheen still winning if he's HIV positive? Karma does happen, what are your thoughts?


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I think everyone has issues. His issues have been played out in the media due to his celebrity status. Personally, I don't think it's anyone's business but his and his partner(s) and family. I think that what they say about karma is true...however....those people who are/were extorting him are terrible. I can't imagine what kind of person it takes to make money off of a person with any type of medical issues, regardless of how that issue was contracted.

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otis otiscambell
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He created his own problems like the as big book says
Lard Ass
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Yes he certainly did, but I still think it's wrong for anyone to be exploited and extorted.
ZombieE Lee
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That and as much as I admittedly disrespect Charlie, I'm not exactly hopping up and down with excitement about his disease. He may be an idiot but he didn't deserve to contract AIDs
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I guess Karma does happen. But I feel sorry for his sexual partners and their subsequent sexual partners who are shaking in their sexual boots now.

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We all make mistakes in life and his were plastered all over the media. He is an addict that had unlimited funds and fame so his meltdown was public fodder. I have had friends and relatives who have also had meltdowns, thankfully it wasn't plastered all over the media for the world to see.

Anyone under the influence of drugs makes bad choices. Yes, his poor choices are most likely what caused him to be facing HIV. However not everone who has the disease, has it from their own poor choices.

With that said Charlie Sheen never went after anyone in a vindictive way. The only thing I remember from that time where he said anything publicly mean about was the producers of his TV show, and that was a reaction to their comments. I am not justifying anyone's behavior, but IMO they both handled that situation incorrectly.

Is it karma? I don't know. Is it from poor choice he made? Of course. The fact he is making his medical issue public because others have decided to blackmail him, isn't karma. It is someone else's greed. I sure hope karma comes along and bites their @$$es.

Charlie Sheen has been getting his life in order and has been out of the tabloids for quite some time. Others are draggin him back into it. Everyone deserves a second chance, and I have to say he has been working on his quite well. He has shared his diagnosis with the people he needed to, and he has been taking his medication. He has gone back to work. It is those who feel they have the right to try to derail his progress that karma needs to get.

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Lard Ass
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Well stated.
otis otiscambell
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Why all the Hollywood idiots get two or three chances while u or me have a drug problem get zero chances
PJ Stein
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I know quite a few recovering addicts who are on their second and third chances.
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I absolutely believe in karma , but I don't believe this is a result of karma. I think it's a result of  bad lifestyle choices and addictions catching up to him and I find it sad. I also am personally disgusted by the fact that this is complete  taking over the news and media today when there is so many more relevant  and  important things going on in the world right now.

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