If Someone You Knew Worked As A Hair Stylist And Were HIV Positive Should You Report It, Is It Safe For Unknowing Clients? What Are The Risks?


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Kathy Castillo answered
HIV is transferred through a mixture of body fluids. If your stylist has open wounds on her hands and you touches an open sore on your head, then you could possible get HIV. Your chance of getting HIV are very slim in a hair styling situation. You could report it. However, nothing may come of your report. Many people work with HIV and we never know it. If you are uncomfortable with this stylist, you can always switch stylist. However, because of various laws, nothing may come of your report.  
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Natasha Arnold answered
Don't do it!!! She could accidentally cut her finger in your head now you got HIV I wouldn't chance it......unless she raw but you better make her wear gloves!

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