When was the last time you cried(as in a good long sob session)? Do you think crying is good for you once in a while? Why or why not?


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Zack -  Mr. GenXer Profile

2013 and you would have too.

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Danae Hitch answered

I'm one of those people that cry when something affects me emotionally. A good book can do it, or a good movie. The last time I cried really hard was when I saw What Dreams May Come.

If you're a person that tends to hold onto your emotions pretty tightly, sometimes it can be beneficial to let it all out through your tears.

Some have been taught that tears are a sign of weakness. I see tears as letting someone know that you are human and that you can be affected - by words, by actions, by what happens around you.

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The last major cry I had was about 5 years ago my mom passed away from cancer. I'm not much of a cryer so those who know me know that something is really wrong when I do. I think it can be a good thing. It really helps to release those negative emotions and to clear your mind, at least alittle bit.

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