Sounds stupid to be asking this here, but I just fell from my bike and it's clear my right kneecap took a blow. It hurts when I run, though I can walk or do anything else with little pain, is it cracked or anything?


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It could be bruised, cracked or dislocated. Best to see a doctor if the pain persists.

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Dear Atsuko Song,

Chances are your knee will heal okay, sounds like you are young...

But best not to take chances with your health; consider calling a hospital in your area. When I was in Seattle you could call Swedish Hospital for example, and there was always a nurse on duty who could listen to your circumstances, think of things you might not have considered, and discuss with you your options.

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No one here can diagnose an unseen injury ,. If you yourself can't judge, then the logical thing to do would be to seek proper medical attention

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If you just did it today, I wouldn't worry about it. You might want to ice it though to keep any swelling down. (A bag of frozen peas works great!) If it still hurting in a few days or if it swells too much see a doctor.

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"It hurts when I run, though I can walk or do anything else with little pain."

Based on your statement, it is very unlikely that you have a fracture--that typically presents with significant pain and swelling.

My guess would be just tissue trauma.

As Gator Blu said, ice (20 min on, 20 min off) is a good approach. An anti-inflammatory drug and rest (at least no running) for a few days would probably be advisable.  If it doesn't start to improve, see a doctor.

And of course this advice is free and is not guaranteed to be worth any more than you paid for it. 

Always see a medical professional when in doubt.

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it happens countless times to me after a few weeks its fine as if nothing happened to it

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