I have head lice. How can I get rid of them at home (no money)?


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You get a monthly SSI check because you said your Mom is a greed terrible payee and you want to remove her. You also have stated in a couple posts that you have lots of electronic items and wanted to purchase more items to make some questionable profanity video(s) using the "N" word. One of our beautiful loving member give you excellent counseling not to do such a project. I don't always comment but I do read 99.99 of questions.  Again see my instructions and comments on your precious 3-4 questions.

IMO your refusal to follow any of the Blurtit Community excellent advise, tells me you are making up situations for attention.

You have money for the following ALL FROM YOUR QUESTIONS 

1. Camera

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6. IPhone 4 plus another one

7. Cable

8. Planning to buy a Apple desktop 

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12. Paint a metal flake

13. Feed & clothe your drunk Uncle

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First bed bugs and now head lice, Johnny? What's the problem here? 

Money isn't the answer, you can't pay the lice to leave. 

For the sake of your health, borrow a couple bucks and get yourself some shampoo containing Nix or Ovide (Rx strength) and you'll need a special comb to remove the little beasts. Then wash all bed linens in hot water.

It might be a good idea to examine why these critters are so prevalent in your life. 

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Dear Johnny,

I did some reading on the Net...it looks like even with the prescription treatments, sometimes the head lice are getting resistant. I found a couple links for you, also Tom Jackson's link gave good information.

It sounds to me like that special comb is really helpful, no matter what method you use. Washing your hair won't help, the nits can stick really tight.

And in addition to Gator Blu's suggestion of mayonnaise, one site said that olive oil, same treatment overnight with a shower cap, will also suffocate them, plus loosen the nits.

Are you able to just shave your head, tie a headband or something till your hair comes back? Seriously, if I were you I might consider that.

* * *

btw, I am always glad to see your questions here on Blurt.

This site is really choked with ads, but it seemed to have good info.     http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20641598,00.html#spinosad-0

This is a slideshow, gave some good basics I thought:           http://www.webmd.com/children/ss/slideshow-lice-overview

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Johnny Bravo
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Thank you for your answer. I'm getting a nit comb now. I actauly already have fairly short hair but I'll get a haircut to make it even shorter (buzz cut)
Virginia Lou
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Johnny that just might do it...the buzz cut plus the nit comb.
As I was reading about all the stuff people have tried, it looked like that special comb was really basic ... they have even found them (the nit combs) in Egyptian tombs!

Seems like kinda difficult time of your life...lots of family issues plus these little bugs coming round...

Wishing you well, just step-by-step I guess...
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Hmm .. No money huh .. Maybe you should sell some of your electronics equipment that you were worried about in an earlier post.  I'm thinking your family is probably also experiencing the bed bug and now lice issue .. THIS is something that must be treated as a household problem .. The bedbugs .. I understand you have sprayed the entire house .. The lice, will have to be pretty much treated the same .. It affects your entire household.

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I slept in my rooms for 2 nights straights, no bites. I slept in my room last night with couch cushions and I got bit twice, plus saw a bed bug. I sprayed and killed it. Anyone have any idea how much it will cost for exterminators to come and heat up my house to kill the bed bugs?
Johnny Bravo
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They're raising my SSI first if December plus I'm expecting to start getting SSDI. I have a appointment soon. Maybe I'll be able to afford it if its not too expensive
Bikergirl Anonymous
If you need a quote on an exterminator call them .. prices range depending on who does it, what products they use and your area .. Call for an estimate.
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shave your head completly

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For someone who might actually want to know, many people use mayo. Put a thick coat on your hair and put on a shower cap. (A tied plastic store bag can work too.) Leave it on for at least 8 hours. You can put it on before bed and sleep in it. Leave extra time in the morning for shampooing it out as it will take several washes to do so. You will need to reapply 5-7 days later to get any eggs that hatch, and then again in another 5-7 days.

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Johnny Bravo
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I read dawn dish soap kills lice and eggs. I tried it just now. My sister is on her way here now to bring me a nit comb and special anti lice shampoo. Thank you.

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