How Do You Get Rid Of Head Lice While Pregnant?


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I was told and have read just tonight that the best way to treat head lice while pregnant, is Olive Oil or a tea tree Oil soak, probably best done on the weekend where you can apply the oil, sleep with it over night and then rinse it out, wash your hair like normal and run a fine tooth comb from root to tip to get al nits and bugs. The Oil will suffocate the bugs and in turn kill them and the eggs which attach right at the very root of your hair will slid out easier,then blow dry your hair, because they don't so much care for the high heat as I have read. There is lost of information online about it.. Google it if you have health questions, and I also read that if you do decide to go any store bought treatment you should be under the watchful eye of your doctor. Good Luck getting rid of the annoying little bugs!
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Well you can use the anti lice shampoos to get rid of lice from your head and there will be no side effect on your head. The anti lice shampoo does not contains any pesticides chemicals in it.
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Try using a bar of dog flea soap and leave it on for a few minutes.

Don't get it in your eyes or eat it...

You should be ok.
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I don't know if you can use the rid but use a hot blow dryer on hair morning and night it will kill lice and nits
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Nature's Gate Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and conditioner...Unfortunately I got lice in my first trimester but it worked...just keep using it consistently.
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You can use "Tara Meera" oil for killing them, put it on for at least two to three hours and then use a very thin toothed comb to remove the dead lice from your strands and scalp. Both these things can be purchased from any Asian/Indian herbs store.

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