When I eat and then swallow the food. Why do I start having trouble breathing, to be able to breath I have to drink water. Yes, I have asthma. But is this from my asthma or something else? What does this mean?


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could be GERD or acid reflux happens to alot of people who eat food that triggers stomach acid buildup go see a gastro doctor

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As the others state ... You need to speak to a doctor.

To expand on Thrice answer ... Acid reflux will also cause your esophagus to constrict, which makes it more difficult to swallow.

I have a similar problem, and talking with nurses at work ... It was because I wasn't chewing my food enough, before trying to swallow it.  Especially red meat, such as steak, which tends to not break apart when chewed.  So I've taken to eating smaller bites, and am really conscious about making sure it is thoroughly chewed before swallowing.

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I will!
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If your teeth hurt ... see a dentist, as well.
It may be a problem ... or you may just need to use Sensodyne or similar toothpaste.
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Walt, I have gone to the dentist and the dentist told me that I'm missing three teeth that haven't grown. So, they gave me 2 shots. That shot has helped but only one of my teeth are growing. Ever since they gave me those two shots, my teeth became even more sensitive, they hurt a lot when I eat almost anything. Yes, next time I go to the dentist I will tell my dentist about this.

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