So I used to cut but I've been a lot better and haven't for almost a year. I'm nervous when my mom finds out she will send me to therapy. Honestly, I rather talk to her than a therapist. What do I do?


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Well if it has been almost a year, I think you have a fair point for not going now. You say you would rather talk to your mom, so are you actually talking to her? Come clean and tell her what is going on and what went on.

For what it is worth, talking to a therapist isn't as bad as most people think. 1. Not only can they not violate privilege, they don't know you family and friends even if they should. 2. They will not have an emotional reaction to anything you say, so you can deal with your emotions and not have to worry about theirs. And honestly just sayng somethings out loud can be very cathardic.

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I have talked to my friends about it, I've honestly been a lot better. We went to a therapist for my eating disorder earlier this year and it just made things a thousand times worse. I wish it wasn't like that, I hate having to worry about whether what I'm telling people hurts them or not. But talking to someone I love and trust i think might be better for me. I'm just incredibly ashamed, all my friends tell me they love me for how happy I am, but really that isn't the case. I don't want her to see me differently, so I'm scarred.
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You  talk to your mom. It's the best place to start, in my pinion. Take it from there. Regardless, I think professional therapy should happen. Good for you for halting the action, even if temporarily. Just maybe, then, it can be permanent. I wish you the best of luck.

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