I'm so depressed lately, all I think lately is how I'm a burden to everyone else. My friends, my family and most of all my Mom. She has almost had a nervous breakdown because of me, so if I'm gone would things get better? All I do is create pain...


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IF YOU ARE GONE, IT WOULD NOT MAKE ANY BETTER!! It would only cause more pain to your love ones and the people that care about you, just talk to your mother and try to have some quality time with her and express your feelings to her and maybe she might understand that the things that you do are not intentional
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I completely agree with eunice. Please don't do anything like that. I'm absolutely begging you. There's always something that you can do in life, so don't throw everything away. This isn't anything religious, but you DO have a purpose in life, and I figure that's what you have to do to be happy. Figure out what will make your life mean something. So PLEASE just consider every single thing that will happen if you leave or kill yourself. And if you feel like there's no other way...go with the first. Please please please please don't kill yourself. Please. Good luck.
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Sabrina, please don't think like that! Maybe you feel like a burden, but I'm sure no one else really does. Your friends and family might get annoyed with you, but they really love you. The worst thing you could do to them is leave/die. THAT'S what would really create pain.
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You can't win until your old enough to leave. If you leave now, you will cause even more of a burden. The stress of your friends and family searching for you and worrying and stopping their life because their minds are going nuts trying to figure out where you are. Or if you die...same thing...their lives will be burdened to questions...like "Could I have done anything? Did I say anything? Did I cause this? Why?" having a funeral, depression, questions, therapy, dealing with others...etc,  and then this will cause even a bigger burden in their lives then if you just kept breathing until you are old enough to move out and start your own life relieving them of their obligation of you the right way. That is the only proper way of releiving of them of their burden. Get a diploma and move out. Anything else is just you being selfish and affecting them worse.
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NOthing can be solve if you do things inappropriate...Try opening up with your mom tell her the things you want to say I'm sure she'll understand And maybe you can go through this together =)

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