How did you learn you had a mental illness?


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Most people know something is not right. But it takes a doctor to diagnose mental illness. However there are mental issues out there. Most people have a mental issue of some sort. For instance right now, this pervert Harvey Weinstein. Knowing what he did to these young girls has me messed up in the head right now. Every single girl I see on tv I wonder "was she one of his victims?" "Where was her mother?" "Does she even have a mother?" Why didn't his secretary spill the beans? Was the mighty dollar really worth it? I could go on but you get the point. Issues and illness are two different things.

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Being diagnosed by doctors and tell them what my symptoms are such as high mood, low mood, over anxious, nervous, obsessive thinking, feeling depressed , not happy, feeling sad,  blunted thinking , withdrawn from people, etc.

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The main thing is not to contact Dr. Google

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Mental illness manifests itself in all people in different ways. But basically the cause of such diseases is stress strong or constant moderate. I recently found a great recipe for soothing weed tea and am now treating stress with this miracle drink. You will find more info here and can make tea at home.

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Where I'm from, theirs a service for teens and young adults called CAHMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service), and I was diagnosed with ADHD, depression and anxiety there. Me and my family feared something was wrong about a year prior to the diagnosis.

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Megan goodgirl answered

The doctor diagnosed me with ocd .

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When the clinical psychologist described me as "disturbingly normal". 35 years later, I'm still not sure whether that was an insult or faint praise or just plain rudeness.

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