What are the best ways to get rid of a fungal nail infection?


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Organisms like dermatophytes, candida (yeast) and non-dermatophyte moulds cause onychomycosis infection. People with this disease have nails that change in appearance. In most cases, nail fungus can be painful due to the pressure of the thickening nail. A person's nails with onychomycosis may turn yellow, thick, rough, or may cause the nails to crumble. In some cases, patients completely lose the infected nail.

Nail fungus can be acquired in warm, damp and moist places like the gym shower and swimming pools. People who borrow shoes or socks from a person with nail fungus may also have the disease.

A person who has had nail trauma, wounds or cuts that would allow the fungus to enter the nail or the nail bed can be infected with onychomycosis. Irregular or abnormal PH level of the skin may also cause a person to have the disease. Furthermore, failing to completely dry off the feet after shower or exercise may allow the growth of fungus in the nails.

Medications. Oral medications for nail fungal infection work about 50%-75% of the time. However, it may take nine to 12 months to see if the medication works because the nails of the feet grow slow.

If ever the therapy works, there’s still 20%-50% chance that the fungus would reoccur. On the other hand, hand creams, and other topical antifungal medications have been less effective than oral medications. Typically, topical medications fail to penetrate the nail and fail to kill the fungus.

Home Remedies. Information found on the internet says some home remedies can treat a fungus-infected nail. However, the effectiveness of these treatments hasn’t yet been proven. Vinegar is one of the most commonly recommended home remedies for fungal infection. Others say, oils such as tea tree oil, essential oils, coconut oil, and oil of cedar could treat the nails as well. However, it’s important to know that these agents may also cause skin irritations.

Laser Treatment. Laser treatments for fungi-infected nails use light-activated agents onto the nail followed by light of a particular wavelength. Leading clinics use cutting-edge lasers to eliminate the nail fungus.I have used Laser technology that can cure infected nails from the bed up to the rest of the nail. Within a few sessions, the infected nails will be free of fungi, and then encourage the growth of healthy nails.

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