What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of The Thrush Yeast Infection?


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You need to change the environment within your body that was a good stating point for this yeast growth.
So first of all if you have taken long courses of antibiotics, which have rid your vagina of all natural organisms, then you have to replace these. Probiotic organic yoghurt can help. Both by applying it at the site, and eating one at each mealtime too.
Secondly, wear cotton loose underwear, and no tight jeans that will chafe the area and make it worse.
Thirdly drink as much pure clean water as you can, whenever you can, about two litres a day, and refrain from relations with your partner until it clears up a little.
Some swear by a peeled clove of garlic in muslin cloth held in the vagina, which is a natural antibiotic.
If all these natural methods do not work , you will have to go to your chemist and ask for Canestan creme and apply it 4 hourly.
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I want to know how If I have thrush and how I got it could someone help me please!!!!
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Wash thoroughly twice a day with hot water and a small amount of dettol. Use a soft sponge and make sure to dry yourself properly. As wisequeen said, drink a lot of water, because that will help to control your urinating, and to cleanse you of the candita.

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