Is it normal when you go to the eye doctor and get your eyes dialated that you may have blurry vision?


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Like Darren says it's totally normal.

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Absolutely normal 

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That doesn't happen with me, but it's normal when it does.

If you're interested,

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Yes that is totally normal but if the blurriness lasts for long time than you wanna call the eye doctor and let them know . Yes i always get my eyes dilated that is so the eye doctor can look in back of your eyes cause my Father has bad eyes years ago he had fungus growing in back of eyes so i don't know how his eyes are know.

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Darren Wolfgang
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You're Welcome Megan :)
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Scary!!! A FUNGUS?!?!?
Darren Wolfgang
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Yeah really hard to figure what it is also around here you gotta be careful on the eye doctors you choose cause some are quacks just like regular doctors and this one told me i had Diabetes behind my eyes well i went for second opinion and was told i had perfect eyes no signs of any eye diseases and no signs of Diabetes behind my eyes. 😒

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