I get anxiety attacks whenever I’m in a car like if my mom brings me anywhere and if my sister and I go anywhere it’s weird but how do I control it? And is there such a thing of having an anxiety attack like you may fear you may have one?


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Face it head on, get to the root of what bothers you, and figure out why it does. It may help to honestly ask yourself why everyone else isn’t as worried about these things.
These are simply self-defeating thoughts and doubts that most often have simple solutions.
Steel yourself to overcome these nagging thoughts and work towards being positive about life. Approach your day with the mind that everything will be just fine, and rest assured that the universe tends to unfold as it should. There is no good value in stressing over things beyond our control. 

With severe anxiety, medication or therapy is useful, but that is not my place to recommend.

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You may need to talk to a counselor. And as for having a panic attack over having a fear you are going to have a panic attack is s very real thing. You are psyching yourself up.

As I already said, I believe talking to a counselor is a good option for you. Also learn some coping skills. Keep telling yourself that you are ok. Focus on your breathing. Nothing else. Tell yourself to breathe in slowly while doing so. Then tell yourself to breathe out slowly while doing so. Do this the whole car ride if you have to.

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Megan, I know all about Anxiety . For many years i had to deal with Anxiety what caused mine ( My peers at school bullied me , My Father was verbally abusive and my Mom and him would argue ) . My recommendation is consider the medication Seroquel . That is the only medication that's helped my Anxiety. Before Seroquel my life was hell and i was compulsively checking things , I could not swallow food i was chewing my food several times before i would swallow i was lucky to try Seroquel . .Ways to cope , get Therapy , take Medication , Go on YouTube listen to music., watch funny videos yes i sympathize with you cause i deal with Anxiety all my teen , into age 20-21 that is when i went on disability and as life went on i developed more mental health illnesses , more physical illnesses . Yes life is battle for us all for sure 

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