Why Is Mrsa Painful And Is It Contagious To People Around You?


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The MRSA is a resistant strain and its name is staphylococcus. It cause infections on skin and also systemic if inhaled. It is an opportunistic bacterium and can get transfer where ever gets opportunity. The pain in this infection is due to inflammation which is caused by our immune system to kill bacteria. You are on risk of getting it from your boyfriend.
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Go to www, and type it into the search bar there. I know that it can be extremely dangerous and is sometimes equally contagious. Make sure you read the information very carefully, and don't jump to conclusions and panic.
If there is a chance that you might contract it, get to the doctor as soon as you can. I would think that if it is contagious, the doctor would have told the parents, (if you aren't very old), and they in turn would have told you. Good luck, hope this helps.

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