Is There Such A Thing As MRSA In The Urine? If So, Is It Contagious Like Airborne MRSA?


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MRSA is not an airborne bacteria that is spread through the air. You must come in contact with the body fluids of a person that has MRSA in some way. You may  know how you came in contact or you may not. Example: If a person had an open sore with MRSA on their hand and handled an object lets say in the market  and you also had a sore  and later handled that object soon after they did or you put your hands in your mouth you may catch MRSA.  Yes you can have MRSA in your urine and someone could catch it from you if they came in contact with your urine.  Always wash your hands very well and often to prevent this  and if you have a sore that appears infected cover it up and see a doctor if there is any question.  MRSA isn't anything to play around with, it is resistant to a lot of antibiotics and often hard to heal.

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