I Have Sore Throat With Cough And Ear Ache. My Right Side Ear And Neck Hurts. I Am On Antibiotics Now. Can This Be Throat Cancer?I Had An Acute Ear Infection A Month Back And I Had Also Taken Antibiotics. Please Advise.where Is The Lymph Node Located


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I am reminded of what my doctor told be about cancer, "Cancer doesn't hurt". I wonder if you might have strep, did they check for that? If you don't get better soon, I would go and see the doctor again. So that they can figure out why this is still going on. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Don't panic, some throat infections affect that whole system that is why there are ear nose and throat specialist.  They are there  to determine such problems.  Please, don't jump to the worst conclusion.  I'm sure if your doctor had some concerns, they would have referred you by now.  I got referred by both my optometrist and dentist as they noticed sore on nose, and were worried.  Sure enough, it was cancer.  But that is very rare.  Most times these things will frighten you, but unless persistant, should not be cause for concern. My optometrist and dentist saw I had a sore that did not heal, it had been well over a year.  So, some problems clear themselves soon, but only if they go on and on for a long time, then you should be concerned.  Depending on age, there is also early detection, especially in women, and your doctor will not ignore this.  Rest easy, if there was cause for concern, they would have recommended tests by now
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Talk to your dr  again
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I also have this and I am 10 it hurts I have been out of school 4 5 days
Check under your arms or any place on your body where their swelling. Take all  of your anti-biotic and follow up with your family  dr. Some-time the dosage or medication has too be increased.

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