How Do They Check For Mumps?


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Mumps is a contagious disease caused by virus. In fact, as much as 87 percent of the cases for mumps occur in children before the age of 15. The virus is known to onslaught cells of the parotid salivary glands. This causes a sore on the face beneath the ear along the jaw line. Swelling usually happens on one side of the face and spreads to the other side in a few days.

A doctor may be able to check for mumps or diagnose the disease based on the texture and characteristic of the swollen parotid glands. Boys tend to have a bulging form and tenderness in the testes. If the child is known to be exposed to someone who is already suffering from mumps, there is a chance he can also contract the disease. The incubation period or the time between being afflicted by the virus and the appearance of the signs of the illness is usually 14 to 22 days. On suspicion of mumps, doctors take secretions from the salivary glands to check for the mumps virus.

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