What Would A ''spot'' On The Pancreas Mean From An Mri Or Ct Scan?


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A "spot" is a very vague statement which could mean any number of things. My advice would be to consult with your doctor on this matter, as he or she will be far more likely to be able to help you. Anything abnormal certainly warrants a further investigation because you never know what it could be. It is definitely better to get your doctor to look at something like this, even if it does turn out to be nothing because there is the chance that you'll be able to catch something serious before it develops.  There are simply too many things which could have caused the spot to speculate as to how exactly it came about. You can Google "spot on the pancreas" for more links if you want to research this further, but bear in mind that anything not from a doctor is likely to be speculative rather than fact.
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I just went thru this and the spot was a cyst but it could also be cancer your Dr. Could tell you which thru blood work etc..

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