Can You Live Without Your Pancreas?


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Yes you can live without a pancreas, however your life style will have to change to support and maintain healthy bodily functions.

As the main purpose of the pancreas is to secrete digestive enzymes and hormones into the body to control blood sugar levels, if it is removed the individual becomes type 1 diabetic. This means their body is unable to produce its own insulin and cannot function without regular injections of insulin.

A lot of people who have had their pancreas removed due to medical conditions, such as pancreatitis, can go on to lead healthy lives. Some people find their bodies need time to adjust to not having a pancreas. Over time, it gets used to it and the individual will also get used to having insulin injections too to regulate healthy blood sugar levels in the body.

As well as having insulin injections, the individual may also have to take additional pancreatic enzyme supplements in order to aid their digestive system. These will help their bodies break down waste before it is passed in through the intestines and out of the body. The most common types of supplements will contain lipase and amylase enzymes.

For patients who are suffering from cancer of the pancreas for example, there may also be the possibility of getting a pancreas transplant rather than having their pancreas completely removed. The type of treatment a patient will undertake will obviously depend on their own personal health issues and condition.
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Pancreas are basically a gland organ that helps in the digestive and endocrine system. It secretes pancreative juice and produces hormones that help in digestion and insulin production. A human being can live without his pancreas. That is why people having severe pancreas disease remove their pancreas. However, removal of Pancreas leave you a diabetic for life as the body stops producing insulin.
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Yes, you can live without a pancreas. It does require insulin injections, and pancreatic extract replacement therapy (to aid in food digestion). There are also institutions that do pancreas transplants. It sounds like he might be a candidate for a multiple (liver and pancreas) transplant, but that depends on the institution and availability of organs. Liver does come first as you cannot live without that organ.
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Yes you can but most people are not wealthy enough to affaord it. You will have to take pills everyday at a certain time. And that will only last you for a short time period before you die

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