Is Vertigo Associated With Renal Failure?


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Absolutely. When in renal failure you blood tests are all wacky. High this and low that. If you have been in renal failure for a little while, you will know what makes you feel funny. Having diayalsis also causes your blood components to become unbalanced until they regulate themselves. Dizzyness, nausea, swelling, skin changes, are among the few things that could cause dizzyness besides your components in the blood. The pancreas can play a roll in this because it regulates glucose in your system. Your RBC'S and HGB could be low because of the washing of the blood if you are in dialysis. Your WBC could be high because of an infection. Your iron levels are low causing you to have a very tired feeling. I hope this helps you to understand your question now.
Yes Vertigo is associated with renal failure, because of the toxins released due to the kidney not functioning properly there could be an imbalance in the fluid between the ears causing vertigo.

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