What Is Vertigo?


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Vertigo is a specific type of dizziness and indicates balance disorder. Affected person can feel spinning movements while stationary. This condition is related with inner ear problems. Other reasons of vertigo are long flights and boat journeys.  Treatment of vertigo depends upon underlying cause. You should visit a doctor if you are suspecting vertigo.
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I've had this before and went to the ER and was told that it was inner ear infection. Dramamine was prescribed. This episode has been off and on for going on 3 weeks now. What say you?
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It means a sensation of whirling, and a loss of balance, caused by looking down from a great height, or by a disease affecting the inner ear. Hope this helps.
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Vertigo is a type of a chemical imbalance occurring in the brain. It is also called as a headrush. The person suffering from vertigo has a tendency to go through a serious brain trauma which causes severe pain in the head which may cause the person to collapse and eventually faint. It is also a fatal disease which can lead to brain cancer.

People who suffer from vertigo usually experience the feeling when they are directly exposed to the sunlight or are complete darkness. They also suffer from vertigo when they look at images that are mind boggling. People also suffer from nausea and vomiting. It is very important to consult a physician in these matters. Vertigo may be a permanent disease, so it very important to take immense care of yourself.

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