I Have To Poop So Bad But It Just Wont Come Out! How Do I Get It To?


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I  am a  a docter ,  wheres what you need to do: Take some lotion and rub your stomach up and down also push in your side and  from the sides come in slowly and bring it back to the sides, also eat and drink fibers and prune juice hopes this help
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The bleeding and pain you describe sounds like you may have hemroids as well as being constipated.  I would recommend a trip to the doctor.  I know hemroids can be very, very painful and they do bleed.  In fact, they can bleed a lot.  Depending on the severity of the hemroids, over the counter creams can be helpful or as a last resort, surgery may be required.  This question was asked several days ago so hopefully by now all is well with you.  If not, see your doctor.  In any event, your diet and fluid intake does, in fact, have a bearing on the frequency and ease of a bowl movement.   
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I know you don't want to hear this, but you're going to have  to just sit on the toilet and stick your finger up there and break it up on your own. When I was pregnant I couldn't go to the bathroom for a month! I finally felt the urge to go and nothing came out, I loosened it up and never felt such relief. Thy it before meds, it works, I promise!!
Good Luck
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An extremely mild laxative which is non chemical and will not affect your system is mineral oil, inexpensive and less invasive than castor oil.  Also, try to include more foods that contain fibre, whole wheat, vegetable, etc.  Google to find out what foods contain high fibre and this can give you help to change your diet to better digest, their are sites on nutrician where they can give you a list of things available, the cure may be right there in you cupboard.  Also, drink lots of water is it recommended 8 oz a day,  does not have to just be water, can come from other sources like vegetable drinks, tomatoe juice and fruit juices.  Take care and good health
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I have to poop but it wont come out I have taken  a enema it does'nt do anything I can also take laxative don't work what should I do.
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Eat some prunes! Try a laxative. You need to drink more water
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Try a little bit of prune juice and little butter in it warm it in microwave it does wonders for some people
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I was told to take prune juice... I just got painful cramps and gas,
pepto bismo is for diarrhea.....milk of magnesa or that other chalk tasting drink is ok but slow acting
you can give yourself an enema with you can buy over the counter at any drug store...this works within minutes,
also you can try inserting a suppository into your rectum and in will kinda grease up the tract so the stools will come out easier plus the insertion will coax stool movement.
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You might wana try some pepto bismol. Have you tried epsom salt in a glass of warm water? If you don't  wana try the water, try cranberry juice with a little epsom salt
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It hurts, then get someone in your household to hold your butt. Put a bucket below you and get the other person to get a very clean spoon and just scoop it out, if not get them just to hold your but cheeks
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This sounds like a problem you need to discuss with your Doctor because you can't be that backed up in a day this sounds like you have been going through this for awhile,milk magnesia is great and can be taken everyday,not harsh nor habit forming,it works over night,you can fast and do only liquids for a day only broth,water,juice ,nothing red you can also do jello no red....hope this helps perhaps fasting once a month maybe helpful to you good luck...once you get relief include,pumkin seeds,raisens,bran flakes, bran muffins etc in your diet and drink water...good luck hope you feel better soon  

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