Why Does It Sometimes Hurt When You Poop?


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There are several things that can cause pain when you poop - the most likely cause is a poor diet!

What Usually Causes Painful Bowel Movements?
The most common cause of pain whilst pooping is constipation. Without getting too gross, constipation is what happens when there’s not enough fiber in your diet.

Your poop becomes hard, and there’s nothing to push it along, which makes it hurt when it does come out.

What Foods Cause Constipation?
  • Too much chocolate
  • Junk food, as this typically lacks fiber
  • Sugary foods like cookies
  • Red meat such as pork or beef
  • Dairy products like milk, eggs and cheese
  • Opiates (okay, I know drugs aren’t food, but things like codeine or morphine - which you may have been given by your doctor - are notorious for causing constipation. Heroin does this too.)
What Else Can Cause Painful Bowel Movements?
  • Haemorrhoids or piles - seriously though, you’d know if you had these.
  • Tearing the lining of the rectum - if you’ve not chewed your food properly, and you’ve eaten something sharp, you might have torn the lining inside your butt. This would make it hurt when you poop!
What Can I Do To Prevent Pain When I Poop?
Make sure you have a healthy diet - full of fruit and veg, which is rich in fiber - and only eat processed foods in moderation.

If you’re been given an opiate-based painkiller by the doctor, make sure you don’t take it more often than prescribed, and eat dried fruit to keep your bowel movements loose.
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Because you have not digested your food enough and so your poo forms as a large sausage shape, which stretches your bum-hole as you poo.
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Because it might be a bit hard. Drink more, eat more fruit and excersise, that should do the trick.

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