I Wake In The Morning And I Step Outside And I Take A Deep Breath And I Get Real High And I Scream To The Top Of My Lungs What's Going On?


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Unfortunately, we are unable to answer this question for you given that we are not a medical authority. While we are not professionals that can answer this question we urge you to visit a doctor immediately and explain what you feel may be going on.

  • First of all when you explain to your doctor about your morning habit you will need to explain what you mean by "get real high."
Does it mean that you climb really high on the balcony or that you have a feeling like you are high from a drug? This is a question the doctor will ask you, so be prepared to describe what it feels like. If you actually mean you take drugs and get high then that is something you need to explain as well.

It is not unusual for someone who feels stifled in their life to want to release this "pain." There are a lot of individuals and experts that believe screaming is a good form of release when one is "pent up," but again it could be that you have something medically wrong with you and we are unable to diagnose that.

Instead, it is very important that you visit a GP to find out what is going on with you. There are many reasons that a person may feel strange. It could be psychological, a medical disease, or something else.

It may also depend on where you live. Some individuals are sensitive to high altitudes and can actually get altitude sickness meaning they have strange behaviors or even an inability to breathe correctly. Again, we cannot tell you what is really going on and it is highly important for you to visit a professional to find out.
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Uhhhh. Endorphins?  You're really happy to have made it to another day?  You are happy to be you?  I would just go with it and consider yourself lucky, you lucky dog.
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Who sings the song "so I wake in the morning and step outside and I take a deep breath and I get real high and I scream to the top of my lungs what's going on?"

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