I Have Severe Pain Under My Rib Cage On The Left Side I Have To Push Under My Ribs And Recline, And It Hurts To Take A Deep Breath. What's Wrong?


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The pain you are feeling is likely to be a problem with your spleen. The abdominal organ is located under your rib cage on the left side of your body and the pain you are experience may be linked to a ruptured spleen or a splenomegaly.

Once you start feeling a constant pain that becomes considerably uncomfortable you should consult a doctor. They can usually be detected through a medical examination or during a CT scan or ultrasound. If you find that you are suffering from a splenomegaly, an enlargement of the spleen, the cause could be due to an infection. An infection to the spleen may cause a number of medical problems including syphilis, malaria or mononucleosis. In addition, you may experience spleen problems from liver disease, but ensure you consult a doctor to discover the correct diagnosis.

The pain that you mention in your question is a common feature for a spleen problem. In addition to that, some people feel pain in their left shoulder and could feel worse when taking deep breaths. You may also get a feeling of fullness and constant fatigue.

With regards to treatment, the majority of the time, spleen related pain is cared for depending on the factors that have caused it. In addition, some cases may require the spleen to be removed if it is likely to rupture. Ruptured spleens are very serious and will demand medical attention immediately.
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It sounds like pleurosy, or walking pneumonia, even pneumonia itself. I suggest you go and see your doctor again as pleurosy can be pretty severe and last a very long time. Hope this helps, good luck to you, and get well.
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I hope you haven't waited until now to go to the Dr., because it sounds like you could have pleurisy. All the signs and symptoms are there. This is often mistaken for deep vein thrombosis and vice versa, except with DVT, the back pain could be a blood clot that has travelled to your lung, or what's called a thromboembolism. Please let us know what happened to you. I hope everything is fine now and it just "went away", but if you still have it, you should definitely have it looked at. Blessings,
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Yeah this is pulled muscles if you don't have any injury in your rib so you have to take X-Ray of ribs to get know whether you have problem in ribs and your ribs might have damaged due to injury that has provided pain to you.
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You could have Walking Pneumonia and a lot of congestion built up , you need to go to your doctor and get medicine as soon as you can
That is what I had

Don't wait okay Pareen

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That might be a bubble air, when you need air your lungs expand and need air and if you don't exercise your lungs just expand in the amount that you breath normally so if you use a lot of air your lung expand more and that might be the cause its hurting
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You should also consider having a blood test for celiac's disease. The symptoms are very very similar and it is a hidden disease (i.e. Gluten intolerance). I would know, it wasn't diagnosed until I was over 45! I don't fit, however, the "classic" symptoms. As a woman, I'm 5'2" and at the time about 230 lbs. Men typically lose so much weight, their health is at risk. The women who have it tend to be puffy, overweight, etc. But doctors typically are exposed to the medical studies which are completed mostly (at this time) on men. It's worth it to test and rule it out.
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Find another doctor. One who will "listen to you". It could be something more serious than any lay person could know.
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It sounds like a strained cartlidge or a pulled muscle. Try wrapping it in an elastic bandage and applying a hot pad.  
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Yeah,I have it..I have chest pain of right breast and rib when I don't comfortable to sleep!I try plan go to sleep but don't because I only worry need stop IT!So,I was go 2 doctor 4times..They already check my chest x-ray..They say do nuthing wrong with your heart!So I wonder abt that why I get chest pain..While I wrong sleep get chest pain?

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