What Over The Counter Medicine I Can Get For Herpes?


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Mary Profile
Mary answered
I think you just better go to the doctors. I don't believe they make over the counter meds for that. The only type of herpes they make otc meds for is Cold Sores and that is called herpecin.
Russ Sloan Profile
Russ Sloan answered
Get some L-Lysine, most drug stores and health food store should have it over the counter.   Herpes virus can't live in a L-Lysine environment.  I take a tablet once or twice a week and very rarely have any outbreaks and then only when I get really stressed out.
Deborah Wacker Profile
Deborah Wacker answered
There isn't anything you can get otc for herpes. You need to be on antibiotics and keep in mind they are contagious.

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