Does Chapstick Help Cold Sores?


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You can use carmex but  not regular chapstick  because the regular chapstick will spread the cold sore if you use it when your cold sore is gone but one last thing when you are using your carmex make sure to wash your hands then take a small amount of it on your finger and then rub it on your cold sore and then when that is done then you NEED to wash your hands or the bacteria will spread
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Antibiotics treat bacterial infections, not viruses. Do some research before putting up information. Cold sores are viruses, therefore there is no cure for them other than riding it out and letting it heal on its own.

Chapstick will help your symptoms and relieve pain, but it will not cure or heal your cold sore faster.

That is the purpose of otc things labeled 'cold sore remedy'; not to HEAL but to RELIEVE SYMPTOMS.
Yes, but it won't get rid of it. Some medicated ones with sooth it but that's about it.
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I have never had, knock on wood, but I heard that carmex is good for it, and so is neosporin ointment. Hope this helps.
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Dude, don't listen to what jim 1949 said. He right that antibiotics will help but do you really want to resort to over the counter medications for something as simple as a cold sore? Go with carmex. It works just fine. I've never had a cold sore but I get canker sores all the time. Same thing, except canker sores are inside the mouth and carmex works great. Don't spend a lot of money on pharmaceuticals just to become addicted to them.
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Nope. Cold sores are actually caused by viruses and you need a topical antibiotic to make them go away. Lip balm won't do a thing other than keeping the surface from crusting up.

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