My S Triglycerides Level Is High Coming 181 Mg%.what's The Solution/medicine To Lower Down The Level To Normal.?


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Lower your carbohydrate intake. An increase in carbs is what triggers the conversion of glucose to triglycerides, aka fats.  Fat is essential to our diet, but avoiding transfats and hydrogenated oils also will limit triglyceride intake.

Omega 3 fatty acids
and Vitamin C, combined with a low carbohydrate diet, can dramatically reduce your
triglyceride levels.  This has been confirmed in studies.

The optimal level of triglycerides in your blood would be under 100mg/dL but many consider normal be near your range.  

One tip: High cholesterol does not equal high triglyceride levels and low cholesterol does not equal low triglyceride levels.  If both are high, a person is at an extremely elevated risk to develop heart disease.
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Present result   before result
s.cholesterol -   293   481
L.D.L -   191   353
H.D.L -   64   68
s.triglycerides -   190   301
serum creatinine -   1.2   1.0
now what is the condition of patient?

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