What If Your Gluclose Level Is High It Suppose To Be In The 100s But Minds Is About 360?


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Get to the hospital right away, because there they can monitor you and help to make sure that you don't go into a coma or anything else that happens with this conditions. Please go and get help.
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I went to the doc but i have to wait tell my new apointment to go get it checked can it make my kidneys fail because that runs in my family ?
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Yes, but if your numbers keep escalating, then you have to go and get seen, because your life really doesn't depend of getting help.
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 As a working RN, my advise would be  to go to the hospital to let the doctors monitor your gluclose levels. If unable to do that by all means see your family dr as soon as possible. Are you on a special diabetic  diet or take pills or insulin injections/shots? A glucose level as high as yours is not to be taken lightly. If left untreated you are putting yourself at risk for so many other health issues.
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Thanks for that info and i'm not on any diabetic medications i'm not a diabetic which i hope not.
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360 is way too high and can damage your organs and eyes.
High glucose level means that your blood sugars are too high and your body is not producing enough insulin to absorb it and turn it into energy.
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I have type 2 diabates and the Dr. Told me normal is between 85 and 130. 360 is very very high.. You really need to cut the sugar,white carbs and probably need some medication to bring that down to a lower number....not to scare you but some people end up in the emergency room with readings in the 500's. You should never get to 360!!!

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