What Causes Erectile Dysfunction And How Is It Treated?


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Erectile dysfunction is both a physical and psychological disorder.
It is commonly called impotence, although I don't think that men have to be sexually active to consider themselves 'potent' human beings. Erectile Dysfunction can occur for a range of reasons and commonly results in an ability to maintain an erection.

Erectile Dysfunction can happen to a man at any age, although it is more likely to occur in men as they grow older. Middle-aged men are most at risk of Erectile Dysfunction and it tends to affect them deeply as sexuality and self-esteem seem commonly linked at this age.

Erectile Dysfunction was once considered too taboo to discuss but recently, with advent of Viagra and an ad campaign involving the former football star and soccer Legend Pele, it is becoming more common that men are willing to talk about it and seek help.

The problem can be caused by physical issues, blood being unable to travel to the require areas or sustained. It can also be related to stress, poor self-image, negative thoughts and as the result of surgery in the prostate area.

Treatment involving counseling and medicine (such as viagra and other types of drug) may be used to treat the issue. However, seeing a doctor immediately will begin that process. Although these drugs can be purchased on the internet, it is not always the right solution to your particular problem. Go and see a doctor, ask for a male doctor if you feel self-conscious and ensure yourself that these days, it is a problem with solutions available.
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To be precise, there are so many mental and physical causes responsible for Erectile Dysfunction problems in males including fatigue, diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, poor blood circulation, low testosterone, body pains, insufficient sleep and more. However, in younger guys, impotence is the cause of stress and anxiety. But it can be treated with help of medicine like Caverta 100mg. As Take this medicinal drug only when desired and only once in a
span of 24 hours. The effect of this medication stays for as long as 5 hours,
giving you plenty of time to stay involved with your partner.

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