How Many People Die In Africa A Year From Malaria?


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According the the World Health Organisation, 3000 children die of malaria in Africa daily.
More people die of malaria in one year in Africa that the total deaths due to aids over the last 15 years.
With the ban on DDT, and the pressure from environmentalists and western nations on developing countries to discontinue using DDT,  the most effective and cheapest way of eradicating the malaria mosquito, death by malaria has escalated.  Though alternatives to DDT are being used in Western countries, insects become resistant to these alternative pesticides and render them ineffective.  Though there has been no reported DDT poisoning's, many people have died due to expose to these other pesticides, mostly Mexican and African American farm workers.
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Every Year
+/- 300 Hundred Millions are affected in the World
+/- 1 to 1,5 MIllion died
+/- 800 Thousand children, under 5 years, died
From these figures above, +/- 80% are under sahara africa
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