How Many People Die From Heart Disease Per Year?


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Heart disease is the leading cause of death of Americans 24 years of age and older. 724,269 people die from heart disease per year.
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Heart disease is the highest cause of death. It is reported that each year it causes 25% of the deaths worldwide.  This means that up to twelve million people die each other because of heart attack.
The rate of people dying each year is different for each country with some having an exceptionally high rate like Poland, Hungary and Russia and other having only a few people suffering form it like in Canada, France and Spain. In the United States alone 25,000 people die of heart attack everyday that is every 33 second a person dies from it in the US.
Moreover men suffer from heart diseases much earlier in life as compared to women and it is more common in old age than any other year in ones life.
Heart disease can not be finished off but precautions can be taken against it. Blood pressure and choleric should be kept in control and a person should avoid smoking so that the chances of heart attack minimizes.

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