How Many People Die Each Year From Cervical Cancer?


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In 2007 756 women died from cervical cancer. Of this number the vast majority were aged between 75 and 79 years old.
Of those who died less than 6% were under 35, that is approximately 45 people in twelve months.
Cervical cancer death rate has dropped by almost 70% in the past thirty years , largely due to cervical cancer screening.
Those who have been vaccinated against the HPV viruses linked to cervical cancer are warned that they must still have smear tests and it would be reckless to avoid them.
The current vaccination programme will in fact have little effect on the number of deaths--indeed, if women think they are protected and do not get screened regularly the deaths may possibly increase!
Cervical cancer is at present 16th most common cause of cancer deaths in the UK.

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