How Do You Know If You're Having A Nervous Breakdown?


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There are various signs and symptoms that point to what could well be a nervous breakdown. Firstly, lets try and define what a nervous breakdown really is.

A nervous breakdown is described as the 'point of exhaustion reached after a prolonged period of anxiety'. This anxiety can be down to stress about finances, health, relationships or problems at work and home. When a person fails to cope with this stress it can lead to the nervous breakdown. This can leave a person feeling exhausted and very prone to turning the condition into depression.

The warning signs of a nervous breakdown can be any of the following, though if the person is suffering most symptoms then they are much more likely to be diagnosed with having a nervous breakdown.

Signs of a nervous breakdown include -

- Loss of appetite and interest in food
- Loss of sexual desire and interest
- Low mood that lasts for more than a few days
- The feeling every task is to much effort to do
- Feeling of being alone
- Anxiety and social withdrawal
- Loss of interest in things like hobbies they used to love

If you or a person you know are suffering from one or more of these symptoms then it is important to seek medical advice. Contacting the doctor is the first step and they will more than likely refer the person to a specialist such as a psychologist or counselor.
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Well, since I think I may be experiencing one right now, I shall list the symptoms:
- loss of appetite
-complete lack of energy
-zero motivation or desire to even more or speak
-need for sleep all the time
-constant feelings of hopelessness
- thoughts of suicide
-anxiety including fever, shaking, fast heart beats, sweating
-not wanting to leave the house or even get dressed

In short, its like being trapped in a little bubble of complete despair and seeing no way to escape. Not much of a holiday.
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The term nervous breakdown is widely used but its exact meaning is unknown as it is not actually a medical condition. It is usually that state in which a person finds oneself incapable of performing any activity. A person may experience a nervous breakdown due to various psychological and emotional factors. Anxiety, depression, extreme stress, emotional trauma can all result in an emotional breakdown. It can be a result of pent up emotions that develop within. It may be caused by the behaviour of others or the behaviour of some person may act as a catalyst. This is thus a result of problems that are faced in life such as work, relationships or money. It can take the form of impotent rage that leaves you feeling immensely frustrated.
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Having a nervous breakdown is a difficult thing to go through. You will experience shakiness, inability to focus on tasks at hand or the thought of completing a task, sexual dysfunction, inability to communicate, feeling of worthlessness, no energy, no appetite, suicidal ideations all of these are are few signs and symptoms you may go through. With these symptoms you need to call your dr so he can evaluate you for medications or hospitalization.
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When I had mine it was during a crisis in my life,I layed on the floor.I would not get up not for fam,and friends kept telling me to get up and asking me what was wrong,they were scared but I couldnt bring the words to my mouth to tell felt like I was in shock,and that life had ended,non hope like feeling.I kept shaking,and I was in too much emotional pain to even cry,a numb feeling.these were my smptoms but everyone could have different side effects and emotional behavoirs.
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I feel like this most if not every day.  Often I just go back to bed. I have Cerebral Palsy and live on my own and life in general is very very difficult every day.

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When people are over stressed and no method to cope works for them OR they choose not to cope, they can become irrational, emotional, panicky, nervous and short of breath.
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When your heart beats faster or you start to feel like you
have a fever- it usually does not happen to normal people
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Normal people can have breakdowns????? What would you classify as normal? I am normal, and I am under so much stress, work , family, financial, death. I am suffering from a breakdown. I think you don't really know. If you don't know you should not offer advice on the subject. I don't feel fevered and my heart isn't racing, but I cannot concentrate, I am having a hard time dealing with my children, and I am sick to my stomach, cannot eat, and feel hopeless
These are closer to the symptoms

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