There's times that i have some nervous breakdowns and my psycologist thinks i'm developing a depression.. How can i know if I am actually developing one?


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Depending on your age there are different symptoms, if you experience four of more of the symptoms then speak with your doctor.
The common signs of depression are:
In an adult:
-sleep problems-worry
-sadness, despair, misery, gloom and blackness
-loss of affection towards oneself or/and others
-a sense of failure, unworthiness, even self loathing
-loss of interest in life
-loss of sex-drive
-loss of self esteem and confidence
-altered appetite (under eating or over eating)
-lethargy, slovenliness and apathy
-insomnia or sleeping for long periods of time as a mean of escaping
-waking in the early morning (usually between 2am and 4am)
-thoughts of death

In adolescents:
-more moody and irritable then normal
-becoming withdrawn and giving up on friends
-losing interest or not doing well in school
-losing interest in hobbies, cloths, hair, music etc
-not eating enough (even anorexia or bulimia)
-having low self-esteem
-not being able to get out of bed until noon
-getting into bad company
-taking drugs
-getting drunk
-becoming preoccupied with thoughts of death
-harming oneself by cutting their skin

I suffer from depression and it's terrible but it does get better with help so please if you suffer from four of more of these symptoms please see your doctor.
I hope this helps.
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I can tell you that when a Psychologist only "thinks" you may be developing one, he's not much of a DR here as if he can't tell, who can? Nervous breakdowns are usually more signs of being over stressed and the body is telling you to slow down a bit. Depression is usually when a person starts to withdraw from life and develops an "I don't care" attitude and doesn't want to do a thing and comes in different levels ranging from mild to suicidal.

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