What Are The Symptoms Of A Nervous Breakdown?


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Many different symptoms can accompany a nervous breakdown. Among these is fatigue, not related to any physical exertion; a feeling of being tired that may range from vague to so heavy as to preclude one's doing any work at all. Restlessness, insomnia and nervous indigestion are other common symptoms, even as are loss of appetite, headaches and constipation. A nervous breakdown may be accompanied by irregular heartbeat or palpitation of the heart, by spells of dizziness or fuzzy vision, skin rashes, excessive sweating, muscular pains and tingling sensations in the hands and feet. In fact, practically all physical ills can be simulated by nervous breakdown.
More likely than not, mental and emotional symptoms will also manifest themselves. There may be inability to make decisions or to meet people comfortably. Extreme cases are marked by weeping, panic or near hysteria. There may be excessive fear or apprehension for apparently no reason, severe mental depression, a desire to die and even suicidal tendencies.
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I have all of the above and don't know how to get better. I'm on 40mg Fluoxetene (Prozac) and 50mg Seroquel at night. I am seeing my doctor all the time because I have very high blood pressure.

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In my case, it was muscle pain all over my body, and of course, with insomnia, severe fatigue, and so many things. But when you have a nervous breakdown, you just understand that it is what it is. Only cbd cream helped me reduce that pain, and after a few days of not doing anything, I started feeling better.

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