Why Could I Be Feeling Giddy?


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My mother is 65 years old and constantly feeling giddy or dissy she went to the emergency room times before and they recommended lipitor and other pressure medication but still complaining of the same simptoms dose any one know as to why
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When laying down and trying to get up I feel dizzy/giddy and a little nausea what could this be ive had it for a couple of days
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I have ey-sight too weak, I feel giddy, it is due to eye weakness or any other reason
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There are a number of reasons why you could be feeling giddy. The first is that you could have not eaten enough.Sometimes when you do not eat anything for a while, you end up feeling giddy and shake a little too. If that does not sound like what you have, it could also be because you have gotten up quite fast or you could be simply too tired if you have been working quite hard.

Those are the non medical reasons but of course there could be a large number of medical reasons making you feel giddy too. The only real way you will find out is if you go to the doctors but it depends upon how long you have had the problem. Have you been feeling like this for a few days or has it only lasted an hour or so? If it hasn't lasted very long and it does not come back it is nothing to worry about. However if it does keep coming back then you should really see a doctor.
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I m lavina i feel giddyness every day in the morning. What does it mean?is it serious?i had consulated with doctr but they also unable 2 decide d xact reason
There are so many reason of it.
1. Weakness
2. No fixed time of take food.
3. Listening power is weak or there is imbalance in hearing

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