What Does A Blood Clot In Your Arm Feel Like?


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The immediate effect of a blood clot on your arm is that your hand will feel cold or numb. The spot where the clot is will also feel tough and painful, it will require immediate medical treatment from a doctor or through an accident and emergency unit.

Blood clots occur when there is damage to an artery or vein which prevents the normal free flow of blood around the body. When the blood stagnates it causes clots which bring pain and discomfort. The initial clots are small but once they gather and block the circulation of an artery they become viable and painful.

An injury can cause blood to clot, as can issues such as smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes and a family history of similar problems. When a clot bleeds, this is a good sign as it prevents a build up of blood and makes treatment easier. On its own a blood clot is not a major issue, but its location and effect on blood flow are very important factors.

Once a clot has been diagnosed treatments begin to thin the blood which can include heparin injections and warfarin tablets. Even once the clot has cleared, treatment can last for a further three months to ensure that there is no recurrence.

Normal healthy activities can help to reduce the chances of a blood clot, as can regular exercise. After a blood clot it is important to make changes to your diet and exercise regime working closely with your doctor. Improving your health will have a positive impact on your circulation and reduce the chances of suffering from a further blood clot.

The initial pain of a blood clot in your arm may not seem too severe but the underlying causes are of greater concern and require instant medical treatment.
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In my upper arm it feels like, theres a pinch? In there somewhere and its like its numb? Its cold & sore to move, its kinda feel like my muscles are grinding off one another ... What do you think this may be ?
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The arm is very swollen and red and has some bruising. It feels like it will explode because it is so swollen.
You need to go to a doctor, ER room right away. It could travel to your lungs.
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They are very painful, red and hot to the touch. Your hand might even get cold from some loss of circulation. You should have a fever with this too, if you have not even all of these symptoms, then I suggest you go and see your doctor about this fast. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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It is probably a cyst of some kind. I wouldn't panic but I would make an appointment with your doctor to have it looked at. They will probably want to take a biopsy, of it and make sure it is not cancerous. If it is near your breast, it could be a cyst in the lymph nodes and be a form of breast cancer. Even men can get breast cancer, it is just not as common as it is in women. You should be doing a breast exam every month to check for lumps, etc. I suggest making an appointment as soon as possible to have it looked at and examined.
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You most likely will have an area that is swollen, redden, and possibility a red streak starting to form. There may even be a discoloration to the area like a bruise. You will feel some pain to the area and depending where the clot is maybe numbness and tingling.
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I had rotator surgery 12 days ago on my Lt. Shoulder. I have kept the arm at my side as instructed. I have a sore spot on the lower inside part of the upper arm above the elbow. It is sore, feels a little warm and swollen similar to a reaction to a bug bite. Your thoughts ?
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Moveable lump sounds more like a cyst. Have it checked out, clots usually travel pretty fast.  If you had one in your vein, would have done more damage by now.  The only time I got a clot in my leg was when I was getting treatments for varicose veins when I was about 20, but nothing to be concerned, as the injection they gave me, shrivelled the  veing.  Mind you, now the back of my right leg is flat.   Pain still acts up one in awhile, but nothing like when I was young

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