What Are Bunions And Fallen Arches?


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A bunion is a hard, painful swelling on the foot, especially on the first joint of the big toe. Here the tissue becomes red and thick. Since a bunion can be disabling, it is well to avoid tight-fitting shoes. Specially designed appliances can be obtained that will help to alleviate the problem, or surgery may be necessary to straighten the toe. It pays to choose your shoes carefully.
Fallen arches, like bunions, have inherited weaknesses as a contributing factor. However, we can be on guard against those things that hasten their downfall: long hours of standing or walking on hard, unyielding surfaces. For persons who cannot avoid this, soles that are thick, soft or of the louvred type are recommended. Also special shoes and supports may give some relief.
Calluses may develop on the ball of your foot; if they do, you can obtain wedges, lifts and appliances to relieve the excess pressure on this area. In the meantime keep on looking for shoes that really fit, that allow for the movement of the bones of your feet and yield to their expansion and swelling.

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