If I Have HPV, Can I Still Have Kids?


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Of course you can, if treatment is received and ongoing appointments and conversations are planned with you and your doctor. Honesty may be difficult, but doctors see patients daily with similar problems. They are not judging you- but honesty is required if you plan on bringing a healthy baby into the world.

HPV can go away on it's own. But it also is the cause of cancer, so do not pretend and ignore symptoms. Men do not have symptoms and their concern is less. Women must be vigilant- it is your body and only you can protect it.

Please discuss with your doctor all of your concerns and how to remain healthy in the future.
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ray of light answered
The HPV infection is caused by a virus called herpes simplex 2. It causes genital warts and blisters. It is an STD. In ladies, it causes some abnormal changes in cervics which can lead to cervical cancer. If the pap smear test show some abnormalities the doctor ask to wait for 6 months for next test. After this test if the cervical changes are gone or not spread then you will be allowed to get pregnant otherwise you will not allowed. So it is not HPV but the chances of cervical cancer which are not allowing to get pregnant by doctor.

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