How Long Does It Take For Hpv Symptoms To Show?


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HPV isn't a big deal. If you don't show symptoms and your paps are clear, you have nothing to worry about because even if you do have it and it's just not showing up it that means that it's not going to harm you, most likely, and your body may even clear it in a year.  I asked a doctor because I was concerned, that as a VIRGIN, I could still have it from skin contact and oral.  I told her my pap was fine and she checked me and said I didn't have warts, and I said well I could still have it, isn't it a big deal? She said "it's nothing to worry about because at this age, your body will clear it on it's own" and I said "really I shouldn't worry?" She said "If you're concerned I would get the vaccine and use condoms when you do have sex, but as far as it not showing up now, it's not a big deal unless your pap shows up abnormal and you don't follow up on it."  So basically, this is a very common virus that people may not even know they have, and they don't test you for it unless you are over a certain age or show abnormal paps or warts.  Now as scary as warts sound, that isn't the strain that can cause cancer, it's just a pain to get removed.  The other kind that you don't see signs of without a pap, is more dangerous, but like I said, if your pap is clear, you are fine.  It's the kind of thing you can't worry about, you have to use condoms as often as possible and get a pap smear once a year or once every 6 months if you are really concerned.  A healthy diet also keeps the virus from doing harm, that is if you have it.  Even though this is a common virus, it's not like EVERYONE has it, I mean if you've only slept with two or three people you probably don't have it, but the more people you sleep with, the greater your chances.  However like the doctor told me, it's not something to worry about if you have no signs of it because think of it this way: If you had it but it wasn't doing anything, what would it matter?  Yes you don't want to pass it on, but that's why you should use condoms with EVERYONE EVERY TIME, unless you are married to the person.  My mom had a lesion on her cervix which showed up after my brother was born, they cut it out and she was fine.  She was scared, of course but 28 years later, she shows no sign of hpv at all.  She is healthy and eats right, so that's why the virus cleared up.  Back in the day, since she is much older than us, they didn't have the vaccine or really know what it was, and even though people got pap smears done it wasn't as talked about so people were at higher risk, but now people are more aware of it, and there is a vaccine.  STDs are scary, but it's only because we make them out to be.  If you don't have HIV/AIDS, then STDs are nothing to worry about, you are fine, you just have to keep your stress level down and eat healthy and stay in good shape, which you should do for your own well being anyway.  STDs are curable, except for herpes and hpv (though it can go away on its own) and the first is just kind of annoying and something people make jokes about but it's not going to kill you, the second, well yes technically if you aren't careful and healthy if could kill you, but it's so rare that you will get an std, and if you do, like I said, you may not know you have it because it isn't doing anything, and it can clear up.  I'm so paranoid about STDs and I'm still technically a virgin!  But after talking to a doctor and reading up on it, and hearing my mom tell me she had a lesion but was okay in the end, I realized that all I can do is try to protect myself as best as I can and get an annual check up.  Unless you want to never touch another person again, there's not way to avoid these things in life.
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Most of these people are right, but misguided,
I have hpv myself and was in clinical trial for cervical cancer vaccination, the vaccine protects against certain numbers of hpv, more likely to result in cervical cancer.

Hpv- a VIRUS NOT DISEASE, HPV ranges from numbers 1 to 130. 30 to 40 of those can turn out in warts in genital regions. See  GENITAL WARTS, HPV NUMBERS any good website. 16 and 18 are the dangerous ones, smear tests detect changes in cervical cells, not hpv.
Treatment includes creams, liquid nitrogen (freezing) and laser or surgical removal. Warts must be of a considerable size or discomfort rate to warrant surgical removal.

Also, aqueous cream TO WASH WITH is prescribed to keep warts soft and less painful.


Human warts are called human pappiloma virus,

THERE IS NO TEST ANYWHERE FOR ANYONE OF ANY SEX  OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION FOR GENITAL WARTS, ANY ONE WHO TELLS you OTHERWISE IS LYING. Don't let them touch you. Smear tests check for infection in cervical cells, from HPV 16 and 18, not hpv. 

ONCE you HAVE G W. You CAN SPREAD THEM BY TOUCHING THEM, OR IF THEY TOUCH EACH OTHER, (kissing/ touching/butterfly warts) you can spread virus by saliva or skin/warts.
They appear in, anal, oral, kissing, penile, vaginal, rectal, intestinal, round your pubic hair, bum cheeks and also in your mouth, although may be a different number to genital warts. You can catch hpv on your hand for example, and you wil get hpv


Looking after yourself an staying de-stressed is very important, good diet with little Chocolate and dairy as poss, plenty green and orange veg, lots of iron, good exercise, and trying be an average weight really helps.

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HPV is transmitted through vaginal, anal, and oral sex and can be transmitted from one person to the through skin-to-skin genital contact or rubbing. The majority of HPV infections have no signs or symptoms and therefore people who are infected may be completely unaware and can continue to transmit the virus to sex partners. HPV typically can appear within 3 weeks to 6 months after sexual contact with an infected person but it is vital to note that this can sometimes take years to appear in some other victims.
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Thanks alot your answer was a blessing -------- Vaughnie
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To jessi4ever:    You can get hpv through anal or vaginal sex I have a paper right in front of me saying it.  It has to be true because how else would men get it? They don't have a cervix but they still get do you know your husband don't have it? I was told there is currently no fda-approved test to detect hpv in men. A man can have it and not know. They don't have a cervix so they don't get symptoms as often as women unless they get warts...if you found a way for your husband to get tested I would appreciate if you would let me know so I can see about  my boyfriend getting tested:)
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The term HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus.  HPV is the virus which causes warts,  seen on the hands and feet.  The Human Papilloma Virus is a very common type of viruses that have been around for hundreds of years.Some types of the Human Papilloma Virus are spread by sexual contact, which is why HPV is considered a sexually transmitted infection.  These types of the virus cause warts that appear on the vagina,vulva,penis and anus of women and men.  Some of the types that are sexually transmitted cannot be seen and have no symptoms.  These are the types of the virus that infect the cervix  and cause women to have abnormal pap smears.

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HPV is herpes simplex virus causes genital viral infections in both males and female. They can cause genital warts and blisters. This is an STD. One of the reason of cervical cancer in ladies is HPV infection. But not necessarily. There are many ladies who have develop cervical cancer with out HPV. There are many ladies who have HPV but no cervical cancer. The pap smear test is the screening of vaginal cells about the abnormal growths in vagina and cervics. It does not tell about HPV. The HPV is diagnosed by warts and blister formation and by blood test.
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You can't get hpv from anal sex because you don't have a cervix in you booty. You can't get hpv in your mouth because you don't have a cervix in your mouth. You can't get hpv from skin contact because the cervix in inside the body. My husband performs oral sex on me and doesn't have it. He has unprotected sex with me and doesn't have it. I had a baby (through natural childbirth) and neither one of us died, or attempted to. Your girl got the virus, not disease, by having unprotected sex. There are no symptoms of hpv, only the test results to show you that you have it. I have hpv and I never had symptoms. (to everyone who's read this I accidentally typed hiv instead of hpv. Very sorry.)
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Uh this completely false and dangerous information. Although HPV can cause cervical cancer, the ways that it can be transmitted has nothing to do with the cervix. It can be transmitted not only from vaginal sex, but also anal sex, oral sex, skin-to-skin contact, and from mother to baby during childbirth. There is currently no way for men to be tested for HPV, so it would be impossible to know if the Jessi's husband has it or not. The only way he would know for sure would be if he developed visible warts. It is very easy to pass it on even if you do not show any symptoms yourself.
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I have HPV and almost everything Jessi4ever said is wrong.

I totally agree with Bec01's comment
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You are crazy!!! If you think that information is correct and that is very scarey that anyone would believe any of that! And dangerous! Lots of men have HPV and never got it from sex at all they just had some kind of sexual contact with an affected person. Learn more before giving out bogus information that can hurt people.

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