What Does Wig Worm Look Like


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First of all, what is a wig worm? I am not sure such a thing exists; there is nothing about a wig worm anywhere on the internet or elsewhere. What you may be referring to may be the Wig L Worm Composting Garden brand, found in many zoos and national parks. A Wig L Worm composting garden demonstrates to visitors how simple it is to make trash into garden mulch by making use of earth worms.

An earthworm is a type of worm which generally grows to become around five to six inches in length. They look like most worms do, brownish in colour, with the skin having a sticky sheen to it. Earthworms are commonly found in places where there is a monsoon or rainy season.
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I think it may be another name for ringworm because I've heard people use the term before. Sometimes they call ringworm "wig worm" if it is on the scalp. Or it may be another type of critter altogether.

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