What Does An Intestinal Worm Look Like?


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There is no particular shape that you can give to the intestinal worms as there are varieties of worms in the intestine of a human being. I'm going to give you the name of some of the types of worms and the names themselves will convey you what shape you should expect from them; the names are tape-worms and hook-worms.

Tape-worms are in the shape of tape and they have no outgrowth in their body and it is their shape that makes the scientists give them the name of tape-worm. When it comes to hook-worms, same theory applies in their case also. Varieties of worms in the intestine of a human being on the hook shaped part which gives many problems to the people who are being treated for the disease of hook-worm. As their mouth part is downward as in hook, the drug does not enter into it properly and the patient suffers a lot as they are hard to take out of the body.

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