What Do Tape Worms Look Like?


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There are many many different types of tape worms and they all are a little different. But they will all be white or cream colored, flat, and segmented. They vary in width and length. If a person or an animal passes a tapeworm, they will only pass a portion of the segments. The Scolex...or head.. Of the tapeworm is attached to the inside of the intestines, and will continue to reproduce segments, thus becoming longer and longer. The only way to get rid of the scolex is with medication that will kill it. To be absolutely sure the tapeworm scolex is gone, you have to check every stool until the scolex is passed and identified.
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And to make things even more yucky, in the 1920s women would WILLINGLY swallow tapeworm egg cases  as a sure fire way to eat all they wanted and not gain weight. Even though the 'Tapeworm Diet' has been banned in the U.S., there are those who claim (now) that the cow tapeworm is the  way to go.  NOT A GOOD IDEA, NO MATTER THE KIND OF TAPEWORM!!!

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